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Shopify Masterclass

Create A Thriving Shopify Store Without Having To Go Through All The Growing Pains

Creating a Shopify store is extremely easy. Being able to create a thriving store from the ground up is more challenging. You are going to run into MANY problems along the way.

With Shopify Masterclass - we are going to walk you through creating your first store. The best part is we are going to show you how to create everything from scratch 100% FREE!

This course was going to be released at $300 however, we've decided that we want to give back and help other entrepreneurs build a thriving store so THEY can live the life they rightfully deserve!

Inside Shopify Masterclass you will learn:

  • How to get a FREE Shopify account
  • How to find WINNING products to add to your store
  • Finding the BEST suppliers
  • How to increase delivery speed with 1 little tweak
  • Done For You: Email templates when reaching out to suppliers
  • Creating Funnels right within your Shopify store
  • Free FUNNEL Creation Software For Your Shopify (Highly Exclusive Link - Only We Have This)
  • Installing Google Analytics to track and scale your store
  • Editing your store settings
  • How to set up Payment Gateways
  • Finding 3rd party merchants to accept payments on your store
  • Free ANALYTICS tracking software for your Shopify store (Highly Exclusive Link - Only We Have This)
  • Setting up FaceBook ads account to advertise
  • Using Audience Insights to research before you advertise
  • The #1 reason most stores fail (Don't follow this and suffer the consequences)
  • Creating videos to advertise on FaceBook that have High Conversions (never be on camera)
  • Retargeting strategy - MASSIVE ROI
  • Loyalty campaign strategy - MASSIVE ROI
  • Ad Budgeting: Creating $8 ad sets and how to monitor them
  • Launching your first FaceBook™ ads campaign
  • Scaling your store with Email Follow Up
  • Free Email follow Up Software For Your Shopify Store - (Highly Exclusive Link - Only We Have This)
  • How to create an email follow up series to generate 30-40% of your store revenue (NEVER SHARED BEFORE)
  • Piecing it all together
  • This is by far one of the best courses we've ever created to get a complete beginner up and running with their own Shopify stores.

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